Saturday, December 15, 2007

Music Industry says: Me want money!

The RIAA needs to shut up, grow up, and move out of the flipping stone age.

They have been happily untouched by ordinary people who would do such heretical things as:

  • tape TV shows

  • use Tivo

  • copy cassette tapes

  • use a photocopier

  • use a scanner

  • copy vinyl

Now, we can copy CDs; the RIAA can't stand it. They need to realize that this is the way the world works and stop trying to grab every bit of money they can. The sharing of MP3s is a natural response to the practices of the record industry as of late. High priced CDs and gouging for concert seats. The people are speaking out. The industry needs to let go and realise that CDs are being assimilated into the list I just gave. People will copy - people will share. Instead, the industry could use MP3s sharing as a way of advertising. Releasing certain MP3s into the net and having them spread around before the whole album is available for download. Whatever the plan that is used, the RIAA needs adaptation, not legislation.

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